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Volunteerism and its link to better aging

06/25/13 02:12PM

By Steve Proctor, CEO, Presbyterian Senior Living
Guest Column, McNight's Long-Term Care news & Assisted Living

Could volunteering during retirement years be the proverbial “Fountain of Youth”? Several recent studies demonstrate that not only does volunteering during our later years improve health – it can also mean living longer.

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Local Retirement Community Holds Secret To Long And Happy Life

11/13/12 10:36AM

By Jemie Lee
WMDT ABC 47 News

DOVER, Del. - A local retirement community in Delaware has recently adopted a scientific lifestyle approach based on research - residents say it's the secret to living a long and happy life.

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Downbeat for seniors: The ‘Cupid Shuffle’

08/02/12 02:45PM

By Jack Haberer, editor
The Presbyterian Outlook

Long before Masterpiece Living officially launched at Glen Meadows, signs of the new approach to senior living could be seen and heard across the community. One employee with a love for line dancing sparked a community-wide line dance set to Cupid’s “Cupid Shuffle” — bringing together residents and staff in an effort to help them lead more active and fulfilling lifestyles.

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