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2014 Community Benefit Report
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Letter from Steve Proctor

For nearly 85 years, Presbyterian Senior Living has been a mission-driven organization meeting the needs of seniors. From our earliest days, the organization has focused on its responsibility to the wider community. In 1962, the amended articles of incorporation described the purpose of the organization as follows… “To alleviate the distress and hardship of the aging…. And by this Christian witness to advance the kingdom of God, promote social welfare and lessen the burdens of government.”

With the growth of the organization from one location serving 9 older women to 29 locations serving nearly 6000 persons with a broad continuum of services, the social impact of Presbyterian Senior Living has grown exponentially. The following pages illustrate our commitment to fulfill our mission and support the community beyond the walls of each Presbyterian Senior Living location.

We believe that highlighting these activities will better inform the public of the values of the organization, provide recognition for those who participate in this outreach and encourage others in the Presbyterian Senior Living family to join them in expanding this effort.

Steve Proctor