Westminster Village in Dover Retirement Community

The Bistro

In 2008, a new “Bistro” opened in the Health Center of Westminster Village – Dover.  The idea came from a resident looking for a place to gather with family members and friends to enjoy time together in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. 

The initial seed money for this project came from the Independent Living golf team of Harry Nelson, Dick Ewing, Bob Mercer and Marv Skeath who won the participation award in the Community Challenge of the PSL Annual Golf Tournament.  This prize of $1,000 is sponsored by Prelude Services and is to be used for a special project determined by the leadership team at the winning community.  This gift was then supplemented by an anonymous gift of $2,500.

The formerly underutilized space was transformed into a welcoming place to visit, watch the new 52” wall-mounted TV, play games, read, observe the large fish tank or enjoy coffee, snacks and other beverages.